Füssen and Fairy Tales

Last week was a huge week for tiger tribe.

Not only did we finish our big write and publish it on our fantastic working wall, but we also planned and went on a trip to Fussen in Germany. We even had a go at making some pretzels and plaited German bread. What a busy week.

Brilliant work Tigers, you’re doing so well!




World book day!

Today I had the pleasure of teaching Willy Wonka, Harry Potter, a golden snitch, Cinderella, The Mad Hatter, Cat-in the Hat, James in the Giant Peach and many others. Our winner was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Into the forest.

A big welcome back to all members of Tiger Tribe, I hope you had a lovely half term!

After finishing our topic on Ancient Egypt, we are ready to move onto our next unit and learn all about German fairy tales, specifically “the brothers Grimm”.

Today we kicked off by reading Hansel and Gretel (by the brothers Grimm). Once finished we worked as a tribe to build our own Gingerbread house! Complete with; hard boiled sweet roof, gingerbread foundations, cookies, ice cream, candy canes and a pie door!

After this monumental task was completed we started to read our core text for the half term “Into the Forest” by Anthony Browne. Taking time to make spooky trees in order to create scenes from the story.

What a great day!

I want my mummy!

This week, our history lesson saw tiger tribe play host to a priest of Anubis and a recently deceased bear in desperate need of mummification!

img_1486.jpgThe patient needed to be washed, have his brain and organs removed, washed again in wine, buried in salt, wrapped in bandages, with a death mask and then buried with his belongings. In the end he looked like this…


Tiger tribe made some fantastic work as a result of this unusual experience. Well done.!


Look on our works, ye mighty.

Last week marked the third week of this half term, and as a result, saw the publishing of our Ancient Egyptian reports.


The work produced by all tigers has been fantastic! They should all feel proud of their accomplishments.

P.s. The title of this blog is taken from the poem “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley. It tells the story of the ruin of Ancient Egypt’s greatest Pharaoh, Ozymandias, A.K.A Rameses II. Well worth a read if any tigers would like to know more.

Trading cards!

Some of you grown ups may have noticed that Tiger tribe are coming home with some unusual looking trading cards today.


That is because in our history lesson, we have been researching and creating cards about some of the key leaders of ancient Egypt.


img_1483The leaders we have looked at are;

Alexander the great




Ramses II

Senusret I

I hope you enjoy learning about these leaders as much as we did!