Day 30 out in the wild!

30 days after starting our wildlife challenge, we finally finished! I am so proud of Tiger Tribe doing their part to save the planet, animals and plants!

Full list of challenges.


Today we finished off our challenges by planting our own “Bee Bomb” seeds outside, hopefully leaving a lasting legacy of our Tribe!



30 days wild, The final push!

Tiger tribe have entered into the final week of their 30 days of wild challenge for the wildlife trusts.

So far we have done some amazing work, helping our local wildlife become stronger!

Some examples of our challenges are:

Drawing a wildlife landscape, mapping our local wildlife, eating lunch outside, feeding the birds (Tupence a bag – name that movie!)


Designing a bug hotel (although ZT went one further and built a birdhouse with his dad!)


Great work Tiger Tribe.

Our wildlife acrostic.

As part of our 30 days of wild challenges, Tiger Tribe created an acrostic poem about wildlife.

We would love to know what you think!

Wildlife is dying.
In the wild there were lots of animals.
Life is amazing.
Lives are getting lost.
Inspecting plants,
Flowers dying because of pollution.
Everyone should be helping the wild survive.

Brilliant work Tigers!

A final week of Rome

This final week of our Ancient Rome topic has been very busy indeed!

We have completed our big write (a non-chronological report about Ancient Rome).

We tested our Scutum in a mock battle against the Manatee class.


We spent time creating aqueducts, just like the Romans did (only without the bricks and water).


IMG_1629IMG_1631Finally, we spent our art lesson learning to make mosaics!

What a brilliant end to a fantastic week.

Enjoy your rest tigers, you have earned it!